You are only as young as you feel. You are only as young as you look, never mind counting the years. Or so the saying goes. Now what if you were really as old as the hills. What if you were feeling as though you were ancient history? Well, there are reasons for the way you feel, and you cannot really hold back the natural ageing process. And then there is another old saying. You are what you eat. And for that matter; what you drink as well. 

And really, don’t some folks look rather terrible these days. Heavy, dark bags under their eyes as though they haven’t slept a wink for days on end, to say nothing of that great big bulge they’re carrying around the midriff. And yet another old saying. It refers to the battle of the bulge. Only it should never have been a battle in the first place. It actually has very little to do with natural ageing. It has little to do with genetics or hereditary dispositions either.

If only folks could learn to take better care of themselves already. It might be a bit of a challenge in the beginning but once you stay the course, you will soon see just how easy it is. And in time you will be feeling, and looking, light years younger than you really are. So many natural things you could do and consume. Going for a facial near me in Fort Worth, TX is but one of those many things. And keeping yourself looking the picture of health will of course require correct eating and drinking habits.

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That of course means less coffee and more fresh water. And forget about the burgers and fries. Friday night pizzas out too.