Positive Energy

A proudly South African creation, this is a song about Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun! This song was born when four friends – Rex, Hakeem, Brother Eleyejah, and Eastwood – came together (at the last minute, just days before this competition closed) to explore the potential of music as a tool for social and environmental change. Unity in diversity . Creativity – it’s POSTIVE ENERGY  P.S. Unfortunately the guitar [...]



Karmel - On My Mind

The beats are from Noodles go visit his page:http://www.youtube.com/user/redhooknoodles My facebook page http://www.facebook.com/KarmelFalastin Lyrics: Everyday on TV, the same old story no body bare the sight, but no body care to fight we have been named RBJ and rock children bt no body care now about them children frontiers closed, hands too short to reach us now they need bombs and phosphores to see us phosphorique dreams, bombs so keen who [...]



At the end of the world deep green sea (At the end of the world to breathe)

Protection of the world at the end of the purity and freedom 被 紧锁身躯 软弱无力的自由 无奈的人偶 冰冷面具 藏在黑暗的角落 想 童年的时光 窒息的空气 塞在狭小的空间 凝固的电梯 城市的网 缩小时间 空间 套住人的心 自由村庄 自由的交叠在那 自由的大地上 自由的人 还自由吗? 自由星星 自由的闪烁在那 自由的夜空中 自由的月 还自由吗? never say goodbye! 迷失的路 失落的心 心底的爱 梦的颜色 幸福的声音 不停在召唤 梦里有 白天和黑夜 梦里有 现实中有和没有的一切 梦里有一个找不到的地方 那里没有钱 拥挤的云 迷途的鸟 与蔚蓝的天 never say goodbye! 迷茫的人 孤独的心 与现实 never say goodbye! 欲望种种 无际幻梦 与灵魂 never say goodbye! [...]