The ideal and the reality is an eternal topic, from Beijing China young independent music Ma Yang, with the song” lost” to sing the contemporary Chinese city youth scream and confused. In the face of growing population, facing employment job, we have gradually lost on his own initiative, Ma Yuyang this piece is filled with the thought of life, the desire for freedom.




The song“extinguishing” is derived from the Chinese indie music Ma Yuyang for world energy crisis created a song. The rough cut of the MTV is Ma Yuyang himself for this song production, It shows a series of shocking picture .he uses extremely harsh attitude to human face energy crisis started fighting criticism, the use of some real war pictures, and show some of the world’s oil giants are cruel picture, [...]



Heart Striking

With the development of our society, there are lots of unharmonious phenomenones which are happening all the time and have made hidden troubles for our homeland. The aim of this song is to call more young people to use their limited youth time to do more meaningful things for our earth,such as objecting war, objecting  poverty and dealing with climate change , etc.



Light in the Jungle------Song/Lyrics/ Vocal by Inny Gao

Hi! This is my first music video. Sorry that I can not make it perfectly, I just began to learn it. I’ve tried my best to sing, still no good! It’s a pretty hard song for me>.<. My English is not that good, so not be able to translate the Chinese into English or writing an English lyrics. The main idea of this song is to admire the great beauty [...]



The happiness of a city

《城市幸福感》这首歌曲是杭州10年旅游文化季的主题曲,是由方文山题词,描绘杭州西湖的美,清幽圣地,净心怡然. The happiness of a city is the theme song of 2010 traveling season, which lyrics were written by Wenshan Fang, Chinese famous lyricist. This song shows the beauty of Xihu, which is a clear and gorgeous site cleaning your heart and giving you great pleasure.




《love》这首歌是一首偏公益类型的歌曲,歌词中表现出大家对环保对世界和平的关爱和关心,也充分表现出我们对世界美好的向往和一点点努力. Love is a song with charity characteristic, which shows love and care to the world peace and environmental protection. And also shows our wishes and little effort to a better world.




《房子》 简介:一首三段式的歌曲,过生日的青年,躲在电脑后面的上班族,濒死的老人。他们不约而同地谈到城市与房子,满是眼泪。反思城市化,与物质至上的社会中人与人感情的淡漠。 Introduction: This song is in three parts, each telling a different story on the same topic: Housing issue in the city. A young man celebrating his birthday, an office worker hidden behind computer screen and a dying old man, they have different stories but the touching sentiment is quite the same. It urges us to think back on urbanization, and how people become more estranged in a materialism [...]



make it work

《make it work》  是一首偏舞曲的歌曲 主要是体现一种动感和活力,表现年轻人们对工作的热爱和需求,以及一点点荷尔蒙的刺激~ Make it work is a little dancing song, mainly showing the energetic and dynamic side of the youth and their love and hope for their work. And this song is under a little hormone stimulation.




简介:工作——梦想,这两个事很多时候没什么关系,甚至是敌人。工作难找,失业率太高,但年轻人也许有别的选择。比如到农村去壁画,到天涯海角去找大椰子。   Introduction: Work, and dream. In most cases, these two don’t seem to have much connection. And sometimes, they contradict each other. It’s hard to find a job, and the unemployment rate is high. But young people might have other options. Like, wall-painting in countryside, or finding a huge coconut in the ends of the earth.   歌词:   “呦,椰子不错啊~” ”Yo, you’ve got a nice coconut~” “是吧,大椰子。” “See, nice [...]



In full bloom of youth

《青春的怒放》,是描述青年人激情澎湃的工作热情和我们对音乐理想的不懈努力和追逐的感觉,歌曲中所有的乐器都是真实乐器,副歌中写到,就让那青春怒放~ In full bloom of youth is a song describing the passion and work enthusiasm of the youth and also shows our music passion and our constant effort in pursuing our dream. Let our youth in full bloom!