Change for the rural poor

We want our voice to be heard



WORLD SONG - (Rio+ Music Contest)

This song is within the frame of the global musique contest: Rio+ Global Youth Music Contest. Performed by: Hiba Nardjess. Music composer: Hiba Nardjess. Lyrics: Hiba Nardjess & Nassim AKA. Video & Editing: Nassim AKA.



Positive Energy

A proudly South African creation, this is a song about Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun! This song was born when four friends – Rex, Hakeem, Brother Eleyejah, and Eastwood – came together (at the last minute, just days before this competition closed) to explore the potential of music as a tool for social and environmental change. Unity in diversity . Creativity – it’s POSTIVE ENERGY  P.S. Unfortunately the guitar [...]



Serve all Mankind

There is darkness in our world today Caused by the forces of disunity (see) people crying (hear) people shouting Words of hate There is darkness in our world today Caused by injustice inequality (hear) people crying (see) people dying of hunger and of violence But we can make a change through our deeds and our words If we strive together, united, hand in hand To serve all mankind, let God’s [...]



Make A Change

Here’s another track i’ve written with good friend scott higgs, hope you enjoy!