Voici notre sos, aux decideurs du monde à travers la musique qu ils ns viennent en aide. Lançon nos cris d alarme, a rio+20 luttons contre le rechaufement climatique. Jeunes, on est l ‘espoir de demain, today prenon notre avenir en main. Leguons des rentes aulieu d fardeau afin que la vie future pour nos fils soit un cadeau. N ‘attendons pa k la manne tombe du ciel comme une [...]




Our song NTIWIHEZE means “don’t feel lonely”. It is a story of love, telling about a guy used to finding  a lonely girl everyday ,and tell her that even though there are hard times she doesn’t need to be alone. Forget all and come rejoice, dance with me!!! ….



Me and my Bike

Me and my Bike is about reducing CO2 T-S-1 is a thrilling youthful talented music group, the youngsters hold the crowds captive, the audience sits on the edge of their seats while some get on their feet entirely unruffled by this exciting hip-hop group who are steadily gaining popularity both locally and internationally. Their talents and captivating voices saw the birth of Slum talent trust, an organization that is aimed [...]



Trash is Chash

Trash is cash written by Lillian Tende of Wafalme an exciting multi talented hip-hop group supported by Slum Trust Talent, mainly highlights the problems that climatic and environmental changes have caused in Africa and their respective solutions, most especially in Kenya . Climate change has progressed substantially worldwide. Constructive research has confirmed that all forms of pollution in the air will significantly change the earths climate in the near future. [...]




My song “Warambeshye” means YOU lied me! It is a story about a man who loved a girl and like in African culture, the wizards are considered of great importance. A man gave him a lot of money just to make their couple better, in order that a girl falls in love. ..A wizard gave him herbals and drugs that unfortunately never worked and the girl rejected him! I sing [...]



Bokra a7la ( tomorrow is better )

Youth alternative rock band.. , we submitted the previous video as “young” by mistake hope u enjoy our music



Emara Talata , ( Building no. 3 )

Arabic ROCK AND ROLL 050 Band



Tony Kaldas - Wala Keef

Arabic cover for the international song Autumn Leaves by the Egyptian singer Tony Kaldas and his band www.tonykaldas.com    



Ermy Sagyrak ( Trough your cigarette away )

alternative arabic rck band this song is talking about being positive