Another Masterpiece from Indonesia to the World!
by SoloEtnika

When Adam and Eve came to the world, everything looks amazing until the greedy is coming and human starts to destroying. And now, all that we need is to reduce, reuse, and recycle for sustainable life.
We represent the youth’s cognition from all over the world especially in Solo, Indonesia to make a real action in order to save the earth for the sustainable life.

We look forward for your help to support us as the representative of Indonesia on Global Youth Music Contest Road to Rio+20

Vocalist: Hanifiya Samha Wardhani,
Keyboardist: Dimas Kurniawan,
Bassist: Yudhanto Utomo,
Guitarist: Yohan Nurtrihutomo,
Drummer: Gisneo Pratala Putra,
Demung: Annisa R Narwienda,
Saron 1: Rida Nurafiati,
Saron 2: Karisma Widya Kusuma,
Saron Peking: Ariska Rinda Adityarini

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