Respect for Life- by Young Seychellois Artists

After all the discussions and analyzing the problem facing the world today, the group felt that it is simply ‘ Respect for Life’ for life that we need for a better world, RESPECT for both human life and for  other life on earth.

The chorus starts with the calling of everyone to the need for environment protection, the Earth needs us all. It stresses on the importance of giving  LOVE in everything we do, for life can be better with more love and urge everyone to ‘make it right’, change our present way of doing things.

The ‘Earth’ has two meaning here, first it refers to the Rio Summit, which was also called the ‘Earth Summit” which is now calling the leaders back to reflect on what they have done to improve our planet, and calling on the whole world attention. Secondly, it refers to the planet Earth, which is urging us for more respect and caring.

But what is happening today? They say through our economical development ‘life is easier this way” however, we are paying a higher ecologically price. Our young people therefore asks us to ‘open our eyes and see all the havoc we are causing’: the boiling which means global warming; the “melting’ of ice which results in the ‘drowning’ in tears, flooding and rise in sea level. This focuses on their experience as people living on small islands.

Our young people are requesting us to look back at our ecological and carbon ‘footprint, and warns us if we do not change, expect the worst to come. ‘it doesn’t matter whose Right or Wrong’ meaning stop pointing figure at each other as we are not moving forward, they say it’s all about what we do ‘today’ each one of us, it is simply, respect for life.

They feel that we are already seeing the red light warning, that we are turning the world into a catastrophic state. They feel that it is high time to stop brainstorm what to do, but to start taking concrete action, especially at the Rio+20 Summit, delegates have to commit themselves to take action. More money which means continuous economic growth, but at the same time more resources, through sustainable use of it and more protection of what’s left of our natural world.  They want to remind us of our role in the ecological web of life, what we do in one corner of the world, will surely impact the others living at the other corner of the globe. So everyone, each individual, should play its role, and start by respecting life in everything we do


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