More work gets done when you invest more time and energy in your work environment. Make that smart energy, actually. Go to online centers like and you quickly learn how it is all done. There is, as always, a design intention from smart designers like Custer but there are now exceptions to the rule. One example sights what is known as a four-step process. It is about empowering the customer.

And empowering his or her workforce. 

The customer is of course the by now, self-starting business owner. It usually starts small, and there is just no telling where it ca go from there. Nevertheless, the role that the interior and architectural designer plays could be pivotal. An atmosphere must be created in which great works of art, or great engineering feats could be achieved, whatever the case may be. The work environment needs to be healthy.

Not just physically so, but emotionally speaking too.

Workers, professionals, artists, engineers, whatever and whomever the case may be, need to feel safe and secure within their work environments. It needs no lengthy stretch of the imagination for any self-starting employer, surely, to contemplate the archaic or rudimentary alternatives. The design intention must never be to make as much money as possible. Conventionally, this has always been the downfall of so many companies.

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Employees are not happy, and so they move on. If they can. Or they languish, stuck in a rut with the only motivation being to stay on in order to put food on the table. Talk about going on a losing streak. 

One last thought. Do consider the environment when putting together a design plan for the layout of your workspace. It turns out that that is healthy and safe too.