EAL THIS PLACE composed by Irina Muntean and Ioana Rucsanda, edited by Gaudeamus Studio Brasov Romania 2012
Seas where dolphins
Follow silent ships
Skies where eagles
Fly as high as planes
Cristal clear drops
Falling on
The greenest forest leaves

Trees where birds
Build home to come again
Grass where butterflies
Come and softly lay
Sands snow white
Ocean deep blue
strafull nights
And a wish come true

We need it all
We need it now
To save the world
To heal this place
No more concrete
No waste to throw
On filds and seas
And even space
Just when we need
To hide it all
We need it all
We need it now
To heal this place

Wish one day waves
Will bring back on the shore
Only white shells
To Listen to magic sounds
A message sent
Closed in a bottle
A prayer for all
Castaways on earth


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