“GLOW” is a song about how people destroy the Earth by being careless about their actions. It also talks about different things that happen in this Earth, for example the lyrics “ But you left me burning hot, so hot I can barely breath.” Talks about Global Warming and how nobody is really helping to make Global Warming go away. Also the lyrics “You said your gonna, fix it but you didn’t.” Talks about how people always say their going to help the environment but they never do. The song comes from the perspective of Mother Nature and how she struggles to survive when nobody cares if she’s alive. This music video highlights the environmental issues facing our local community and how one group of young musicians are raising awareness.


The “Divercity Band” features vocals by, Ashley Aceto, Angelina Botticeli, and Jesenia Rodriguez. Guitars by Christina Ochoa and Keisha Augustin. Piano and keyboard by Jackie Ochoa and Angelica Diaz. Bass by J.D. Vincent and Drums by Wilson Ochoa. Video, Audio, and Editing engineering by Tris and Sara Coffin, Joe Ziemba, and Derek Kerins. Lastly conducting by Tris Coffin and Leo Colon.


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