Eternity’s End – The Never Ending End’s Quest of Love, Coming to a End. The Feeling of love highs and falls on both persons ends!
Eternity’s End meaning is the eternity of love coming to an end. And the true meaning of feeling both sides of loves consequences.
Beni Benjiman is an Inde Pop Rock act, the song was produced at Studio 301 in Sydney with recording engineer Simon Cohan.
Eternity’s End was composed and written by Beni Benjiman, Session player’s from number 1 hit studios in Los Angeles where used
for recording process, these session players have played with Michael Jackson’s, Kelly Clarkson’s and many others tracks. The
song was mastered by Ryan Clement Studios in Los Angeles responsible for many mainstream US artists such as Pink ect. The
Film clip was recorded by Extreme Vision Films in San Francisco, and a fabulous location with great eye catching backgrounds.
A perfect combination for the element for the song, Eternity’s End was produced as the first single as part of Beni Benjimans album titled “Unforsaken”.
The song is receiving allot of attention on many social media platforms reaching 30 000 views in the first 14 days release on youtube. We believe his
style is very unique in capturing poetic style lyrics and body chilling sounds to deliver his love of music and sharing with global rockstar is a perfect foundation
for talented people to be recognized globally for there achievements without major label backing. A perfect initiative conducted by the organizers on this competition.


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