Stop waiting for tomorrow

This song is a call to action to give a voice to those who are ignored in our society and to create a more connected world. We have seen how todays technology and the power of the internet can be used to break down cultural walls and unite the oppressed. We can be more effective more than just raising awareness about suffering and injustice by giving those affected by it [...]



'The Light' - Jesse Witney & Marc C-Scott

What The World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love’ – David/Bacharach    People are conscious, they feel inherently in themselves the difference between what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. In todays world, power struggles have blinded peoples intuition to a point where what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, is distorted in the face of economic gain. Forests, Oceans, Land and Animal Species suffer, sometimes to an irreversible degree, from the mining of [...]



Power the World

Lord Funkton is an independent band from Canberra, Australia, made up of three young climate activists. Power the World is our first song. This song expresses our belief that the future of our world lies in the hands of youth. Politicians have been skirting around the issue of climate change for more than twenty years. Now it is up to us, the youth of the world, to solve it. We [...]



the conquest: a battle between the Earth and the Machine

This score describes the battle the Earth faces against deforestation in rainforests worldwide. This story of this disaster is told in three parts: 1. the pain and death the Earth suffers due to deforestation at the hand of the Machine. 2. the epic battle for survival between the Earth and the Machine. 3. the victory and conquest the Earth achieves through the banishment of deforestation worldwide. I hope you enjoy this piece, [...]



NEW! Rap + Island Beats = Relevant Music

Jamala and Remedy are local artists from the Republic of Vanuatu, blending soothing traditional rhythms of the Pacific with soulful rhymes of contemporary rap. Submitted for the Rio +20 Global Youth Music Contest, this song ‘Hold On’ addresses issues affecting many youth in the South Pacific ranging from unemployment, poverty and urbanisation to pollution, development and education.    



Make A Change

Here’s another track i’ve written with good friend scott higgs, hope you enjoy!



Run Me Down - Brodie Lumsden

Hi im Brodie Lumsden, singer/songwriter and producer from New Zealand, Please take a moment to check out my music at Thankyou



Eternity's End - The Never Ending End's Quest of Love, Coming to a End. The Feeling of love highs and falls on both persons ends!

Eternity’s End – The Never Ending End’s Quest of Love, Coming to a End. The Feeling of love highs and falls on both persons ends! Eternity’s End meaning is the eternity of love coming to an end. And the true meaning of feeling both sides of loves consequences. Beni Benjiman is an Inde Pop Rock act, the song was produced at Studio 301 in Sydney with recording engineer Simon Cohan. [...]




Olaa Global rockstar have provided us with an awesome opportunity . My name is Ramos D-Artist and i am submitting my video Ride for this contest. Ride was written by myself and produced by  Sydney Recording artists. Ride  was written as a means of expressing the concept of riding through life, what we take on and all the “countless possibilities” that we are confronted with. It emphasises the concept of travel and culture with [...]



Already Where I Am