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Are you the god of all?

Anti-war, Peace



KeSEMaTUSTIK - Mangrove Hidup Kita

The UNOFFICIAL Video of KeSEMaTUSTIK – MANGROVE BAND of KeSEMaT. KeSEMaTUSTIK arranged their mangrove songs to campaign mangrove for the people of the world. Their Hits Single “Mangrove Hidup Kita” (Mangrove Our Life) written by Rohmat Kuslarsono and Afriza Azis. Perform at DP Mall Semarang, March, 11 2011. Thank you for support us to keep mangrove alive. TUSTIKER, please feel free to text your comments here or visit our forum [...]



Aalu Anday | Beygairat Brigade



Land Of Arabs - بلاد العُرب

An old Arabic poem mixed with a Fusion Music Style performed  by ((Al-Farabi)) Ft. Mashaer A song calls for unity in Arab’s World for a better peaceful future.



Coke Pit - Saat Bumi Tak Bersahabat

This song is dedicated to reminding us about earth damage