Project HIP-HOP - Breathe



Make a Difference - Standard 1

As youth with a passion for change we wrote this song to emphasize that youth across the world can make a difference by their little actions. that we as youths can recycle, reuse, plant trees. Just an outstretched hand can make a difference in the world. We as youth need to rise up and make a difference in the world. Yes. our little actions count. Yes we have control of [...]



Blow Your Horn

Like in the nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue”, this song uses metaphors in order to paint a picture of the situations that many find themselves in today. The song also uses irony to expose the dichotomy between the rich and poor and between our success and failures as we seek development. The “little boy blows his horn” in order to warn us, celebrate our successes and “call us to arms” [...]




Hi My name is Jermeeka Mundy. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and this song has a positive message which I am proud to send to the world in effort to make this world a better place




What can one faculty advisor and a high school climate change club accomplish?  How about founding a grassroots youth movement that’s grown into 20 groups; hosting a free annual climate summit at MIT; designing a proposed state-of-the-art green roof to share with other schools; partnering with neighboring colleges; mentoring younger children; launching a statewide education for sustainability campaign; organizing teacher trainings and curriculum development and a youth green jobs program; [...]



"How Long" by Old People

We have created a society that is heavily dependent on certain resources, however, all these resources do have there limits.  This song asks, how long we will be able to continue on our current path before we have to adjust to survive? Thanks for listening!



Do What You Have To Do

There are many problems in this world…some great and some small…they can be summarised into three main categories: social, economic and environmental…all three are important for our future…and all three were fixed to some extent by our greatest heroes…they wanted their selflessness to be a sacrifice for our well being…they did what they had to do…so you, whether you are the most famous politician or someone unseen by the eyes [...]



Country Bleeding

“Country Bleeding” cleverly uses the imagery of flash flooding (one of the biggest environmental issues affecting Trinidad) to paint a picture of a country bleeding “on the gurney for surgery in a State of Emergency. ” Here it refers to the ineffective State of Emergency imposed on citizens, which was done in an effort to solve the foremost socio-economic issue in Trinidad – CRIME. It utilizes metaphors which likens ourselves [...]



Planeteer Rap+20

20 years ago, Captain Planet inspired a generation – and the Rio Earth Summit promised a sustainable future.  Now, an entire Movement of Planeteers has arrived to make sure that sustainable future is put into practice!  Join the Planeteer Movement online at



"AT THE EDGE OF THE PATHWAY" (Por el Borde del camino)

In order to provide options to change the world, the first step that we young people can take is to raise awareness of how conflicts affect both people and the earth. In 2011 the Government of Colombia record more than 3.7 million Internal displaced people in the country. Although NGOs such as the -Consultoría para los Derechos Humanos y el Desplazamiento- consider that the actual number of people displaced by [...]