la paix

vu les guerres un peu partout dans le monde, les femmes , les hommes  endeuillés, tant d’orphelins de guerre, s’il y a la paix , je pense que tout ceci n’aura pas sa raison d’être.



Positive Energy

A proudly South African creation, this is a song about Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun! This song was born when four friends – Rex, Hakeem, Brother Eleyejah, and Eastwood – came together (at the last minute, just days before this competition closed) to explore the potential of music as a tool for social and environmental change. Unity in diversity . Creativity – it’s POSTIVE ENERGY  P.S. Unfortunately the guitar [...]



What If

This is a ballad written to question the route we, as a world, are taking in our progression. The title and question posed in the chorus of ‘what if’ makes us consider the benefits our change and the minimal costs. The rap verse is titled ‘the strugglers anthem’ and in this, Foo writes about the attitude of ‘if we can’t see it, it doesn’t affect us’. This self-centered ignorance is [...]



Our time by GABINEMA Celse

1 . So right now! who is proud to see forests burning who is happy to see wild living in danger and troubles to survive who is still glad for these floods loosing people and eventually danger windstorms who has joy to breath with smog and still with related diseases Climates and seasons have changed and still in disorder we destroy the environment but we can also rebuilt it cause [...]



bio gas

see what we can do with bio gas see the solutions



mother earth

mother earth is very important for us all lets have respect



Non à la Pauvreté

Cette chanson,c’est pour dire non à la pauvreté,à la misère dans le Monde. Agama: c’est le caméléon en Ewé ( une langue parlée au sud du Togo). Nous voulons un changement dans le monde,ou dans la vie des populations pauvres d’où le mot Agama. La danse exprime le cri,la douleur des peuples qui  perdent espoir et qui ont peur l’avenir de leurs enfants ou pour la génération future     [...]



we are one - biodiversity

Biodiversity is a fruit of live, why don’t we conserve it. The music video shows us that “we are one” – Man, animal, the climate, the land and the water depends on each other. The creator created a beautiful and perfect creation and man has also created a perfect destruction to the forest, wildlife, rivers, climate and the land. The loss of biodiversity, and climate change is now considered as [...]




song about water water is life



Tanzania Rio +20 - JAMES WAREE

Song about Youth in Tanzania to Unite to fight Poverty,Diseases, Ignorance and Corruption in which he also enforces on Joblessness that face Youth.Vijana Tanzania Africa na Dunia*ALL YOUNG GENERATIONS TO UNITE AGAINST Poverty,Diseases, Ignorance and Corruption. YOUTH SHOULD GO AGAINST ALL EVILS AND JOIN UN EFFORTS AT RIO+20 OPPORTUNITYY on Sustainable development. Chorus: YOUNG GENERATIONS TO UNITE AGAINST Poverty,Diseases, Ignorance and Corruption. Sing it…