Wind Of Change AKA Change For The Rural Poor

This song was born out of passion for a change in the world system, especially as it affects the rural poor. My heart cry is that the world should unite to eradicate poverty, child abuse, malnutrition, strengthen welfare services and create employment for the youths. So let the wind of change blow. Change now! SONG LYRICS. VERSE 1 In this generation People are dying of starvation Children are lost to [...]



Ode to hope (Ode à l'esperance)

We are the youth of hope, hope to build a world who it’s love, we think to the commom interest



Illusion- Ya Ness

L’aventure débute en 2006 lors de la rencontre des 3 membres du groupe qui signerons leur singularité sous l’emblème de la créativité et de la passion artistique , ce n’est qu’un peu plus tard dans le temps en 2009 que le groupe ILLUSION connaît une nouvelle naissance avec l’arrivée de 02 nouveaux membres ,donnant vit à une nouvelle ère en matière de fusion musicale , le groupe voit déjà loin [...]



Nature Venture - Generation Earth Waverley Girls

Generation Earth is a community of young green minds changing the way we live, learn and use the world’s environment. Arehone Maraheni, Senzekile Maseko, Mologadi Ngoasheng, Mogau Phogole, and Amanda Mabuza are all members of Generation Earth Waverley Girls High School.



Vintage - Mon Inspiration

Vintage – Mon Inspiration Composed By Vintage Midou : Guitar Saber : Guitar Yann : Bass Kim : Drums Hiba : Violon Facebook : Site Web :



Teeg Wenden

In Burkina Faso,youth unemployment,illiteracy,and poverty are realities in every day life. If youth don’t know the real causes of their conditions,they still have faith and hope that one day things will be better.They just rely on God:”teeg Wende” and hope He will inspire positively our leaders for fair distribution of national wealth.  



Change for the rural poor

We want our voice to be heard



save the Earth

Hi Am clichy From Ghana watch this video and let save the Earth.



WORLD SONG - (Rio+ Music Contest)

This song is within the frame of the global musique contest: Rio+ Global Youth Music Contest. Performed by: Hiba Nardjess. Music composer: Hiba Nardjess. Lyrics: Hiba Nardjess & Nassim AKA. Video & Editing: Nassim AKA.



respect life

Respect for Life- by Young Seychellois Artists After all the discussions and analyzing the problem facing the world today, the group felt that it is simply ‘ Respect for Life’ for life that we need for a better world, RESPECT for both human life and for  other life on earth. The chorus starts with the calling of everyone to the need for environment protection, the Earth needs us all. It [...]