Jireh 11yrs old, young n talented, big heart n big voice

Hi everyone, my name is Jireh , I am only 11yrs old.  I love singing and I love dancing.  I’m from the beautiful Island of Samoa, located in the South Pacific, but I’m living in Auckland New Zealand. I enter the Rio +20 Global Youth Music Contest because I love music very much.  Hopefully I’ll make my dreams come true of becoming a singer and a dancer. Please vote for [...]



Think of the Sea!

Hi I’m 10 years old and believe in a sustainable future for everyone in the world. The sea is so important – it feeds millions of people and we need to protect it. Hattie, New Zealand x



"Earth Song" - By 10 year old Jocelyn Scott

I don’t have Fancy Equipment, only my Voice to bring awareness to people to notice all the trouble in our world right now.



Campbell MacKenzie - I don't wanna feel like I'm "Livin' On Mars"

Living on Mars  ©2012 By Campbell MacKenzie   Can’t  stop this world from turning Don’t want to stop it now Take your big ideas and put them somewhere else Oooh x 4   The layers of the Earth are disappearing As they dig down deep to their destiny Like don’t realise there’s nothing left But they don’t care   Chopping down trees Is a major disease We’ve got to listen [...]