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Here are the lyrics:
My Direction, and the beauty of your soul,
My Reaction, let me stumble, let me fall.
My Direction, is this what I wanna do, I´ll be greatful, I´ll be true.. (loving you)

I´ve been walking to the ocean and today,
it wasn´t very peaceful, black death washed it away.
But the people walking with a perfect smile,
didn´t even notice all the automatic style.

Man keeps telling that the stronger will survive,
but are we really stronger, or are we petrified.
Shouldn´t nature be our force and our guide,
shouldn´t we surrender and stop putting up a fight.

We are more, are we more?
People keep on actin’ by their automatic cores
Tell me why, tell me why,
people can´t stop talkin, in their automatic style!

Ground is trembling and the floods drift us away,
we´re no longer welcome magic lost and gone astray.
We´re bound by what we are and what we do,
everything needs changes, everything begins with you!

Hey, stop the fight, and you will hear your mind,
one hundred million people standing, side by side,
Pause rewind, coz we´re not that blind,
time to start the earthe´st engine hast come tonight!


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