bio gas

see what we can do with bio gas see the solutions



mother earth

mother earth is very important for us all lets have respect




song about water water is life



bio gas, climate change, trash

T-S-1 made a video clip about bio gas, climate change, trash is cash.



Water, Mother Earth, Me and my Bike

T-S-1 made a video clip about water, mother earth, my bike



Far Away by T-S-1

Far Away is a song about the drought, hunger, climate change in the horn of Africa  (Kenya)                                                                               some words about the situation drought after seven years there is death in the [...]



Me and my Bike

Me and my Bike is about reducing CO2 T-S-1 is a thrilling youthful talented music group, the youngsters hold the crowds captive, the audience sits on the edge of their seats while some get on their feet entirely unruffled by this exciting hip-hop group who are steadily gaining popularity both locally and internationally. Their talents and captivating voices saw the birth of Slum talent trust, an organization that is aimed [...]



Trash is Chash

Trash is cash written by Lillian Tende of Wafalme an exciting multi talented hip-hop group supported by Slum Trust Talent, mainly highlights the problems that climatic and environmental changes have caused in Africa and their respective solutions, most especially in Kenya . Climate change has progressed substantially worldwide. Constructive research has confirmed that all forms of pollution in the air will significantly change the earths climate in the near future. [...]