The ideal and the reality is an eternal topic, from Beijing China young independent music Ma Yang, with the song” lost” to sing the contemporary Chinese city youth scream and confused. In the face of growing population, facing employment job, we have gradually lost on his own initiative, Ma Yuyang this piece is filled with the thought of life, the desire for freedom.




The song“extinguishing” is derived from the Chinese indie music Ma Yuyang for world energy crisis created a song. The rough cut of the MTV is Ma Yuyang himself for this song production, It shows a series of shocking picture .he uses extremely harsh attitude to human face energy crisis started fighting criticism, the use of some real war pictures, and show some of the world’s oil giants are cruel picture, [...]



Human nature-The original of the film:Santiago Bou Grasso

马雨阳为圣地亚哥布格拉索的经典短片《人性》的配乐视频 The film directed by Santiago Bou Grasso ,music by Ma Yuyang